Top Best Games Like Free Fire

 Top Best Games Like Free Fire


It Is Same Like Free Fire but It’s Graphics Is Better Than Free Fire Therefore It’s On The First Number, It Is A Online Multiple And battlefield Game Where You have To Kill Your Enimey And Then Have To Won The Match In This Game There Are To Many Game Modes Like Warehouse, Warzone , Earengle And Many Others. You Can Play This Game In Android, iOS, Tab And Pc , Laptop. It’s The Best Game Like Free Fire.

(2) Minecraft

It’s A Survival Game Where You Have To Survive And Finish The Game, Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Notch, and developed by Mojang.You can break the cubes or place them to create tools and weapons. You can also create buildings, build an army and even run your own village.And It Is The Most Popular Game In The World 

3) Getting Over It 

Getting over It Is A Rage Game Where You Have To Complete The Game With An A Hammer You Have To Go To The Space With That Hammer According To The Wikipedia It’s The World’s Ragest Game , The player has to climb to the top and it is too hard to do it. Players need to pass many levels in this game and the game is the most popular game in the list of rage games.

(Mini Militia)

Mini Militia is an arena shooter game, It Is 2D Game But It’s The Best 2D Shooting Game Ever It Has Over 100Millon + downloads , The Is Popular In 2019 but in now the game is not too played by people , This Game Is For Android, iOS, Windows, Tab Etc.


It Is An 3D Horror Game There Are 3 Willens In This Game First was Granny 2nd Was Grandpa And 3rd was Sellendrina , There Are To Many Exit In This Game Likes Door Scape, Boat Scape, Helicopter Scape And Many More It’s For Android, iOS Windows Tab Etc.

(Temple Run)

It’s A Endless Game Devloped By Imangi Studio  The player controls an explorer who has obtained an ancient relic and runs from demonic monkey-like creatures chasing him. The game was initially released for iOS devices on August 4, 2011, and later ported to Android systems and Windows Phone 8.

Ludo Is Multiplayer Game That 2 or 4 players can play at a time Ludo is a strategy board game Ludo is such a game in which we get a piece which has to be Lukoskin, the number is written in it, the same number is used for our generation.

(Call Of Duty)

Call of Duty is also a pubg game in which the country men keep finding and killing the bande and then we have to Win match as much as we have.


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