Top Colleges to Study in Canada

Students from all over the world come to Canada to pursue graduate and postgraduate studies. The country has excellent global universities that rank high in world university rankings.

To be accepted at a Canadian college, students need to meet various eligibility requirements, including proof of financial support and letters of recommendation. It is also important to research the program of study and prepare well for your entrance exam.

1. University of Toronto

University of Toronto is a well-known institution in Canada and the world for its excellent teaching and research. Its faculty members are known for their work on insulin, artificial intelligence, bone-marrow transplant and other life-saving medical procedures.

This highly competitive university expects exemplary academic profiles and excellent English language test scores. They typically require an overall IELTS academic module score of 6.5 with no individual band below 6.0 and a TOEFL iBT score of 100/120 with at least 22/30 in the writing section.

U of T also allows applicants to decide whether or not to include SAT or ACT scores in their applications, similar to many US colleges that have become test-optional. However, students who submit more than one type of application will have their applications cancelled without a refund.

2. University of British Columbia

Canadian universities vary in requirements, but there are a few things that they all have in common. Most have a minimum Grade Point Average that students must meet in order to be considered for admission. Some also require college essays or personal interviews.

Applicants will also need to present proof of English language proficiency. This is especially important for students from countries that do not use English as their primary language.

International students apply just like domestic students do, using the school’s own application portal. They will need to create a Campus Wide Login (CWL) account and upload all required documents. They will also need to provide references with a UBC-approved email address. The university will then review the application and submit it to the appropriate academic department.

3. University of Montreal

Universite de Montreal, also known as UdeM, is a major scientific research university that offers students a number of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university is ranked highly by the QS World University Rankings for 2021 and offers both French and English courses for its students.

The university requires applicants to be fluent in French and pass the CASPer exam, which evaluates students on non-academic criteria like interpersonal skills, decision-making, empathy, and ethics. Students must also attend an interview for admission.

Besides these requirements, the university also asks for an IELTS score, letters of recommendation, Statement of Purpose, and passport photos. All the required documents are available on the school’s official website. In case of any doubts, students should contact the admissions office for assistance.

4. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is a top ranked Canadian public research university with more than 500 undergraduate and graduate programs. Its admissions are highly competitive, and the university requires applicants to submit SAT scores. Students with SAT scores below the required minimum may be considered in special circumstances.

As Canada’s largest bilingual (English-French) university, uOttawa provides a truly unique educational experience. The university offers its students an opportunity to be immersed in a bilingual culture and connect with a wide range of international peers. In addition, the university offers more than 140 bilateral agreements with universities around the world for collaborative research projects. Students can also benefit from the city of Ottawa, which is home to a large number of government and cultural activities.

5. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a top-ranked research university in Canada. It is a next-generation university — a living, growing and youthful institution with a “can-do” attitude. It has a clear strategic direction-Eyes High-to become one of the top five research universities in Canada by 2016.

The multidisciplinary themes that will guide its work are energy innovations for today and tomorrow; treating humans in a changing world; engineering solutions for health; infections, inflammation and chronic diseases; and new earth-space technologies.

Its students thrive in programs enriched by cutting-edge research and hands-on learning. They learn to think entrepreneurially and connect with peers around the world. They benefit from support that includes social events for international students to connect with domestic peers; family programming and guidance for enrolling their children in local kindergarten-to-Grade 12 education; and career counseling.

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